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"John Gottman ... has found gold once again. This book shows how the simplest, nearly invisible gestures of care and attention hold the key to successful relationships with those we love and work with."

~ William J. Doherty, Ph.D., author of Take Back Your Marriage

The Relationship Cure is a revolutionary five-step program for repairing troubled relationships - with spouses and lovers, family members, friends, and even your boss or colleagues at work. Drawing on a host of powerful new studies, Dr. John Gottman offers new tools and insights for making your relationships thrive.

Introducing the fundamental unit of emotional connection he calls the "emotional bid," Dr. Gottman shows that all good relationships are built through a process of making and receiving successful bids. These bids range from such subtle gestures as a quick question, a look, or a comment, to the most probing and intimate ways we communicate. His research reveals that people in happy relationships make bidding and responding to bids a high priority in their lives, and he has discovered the fascinating secrets behind mastering the bidding process.

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*(Book synopsis adopted from The Gottman Relationship Institute website)