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"...unique in its detailed description of the moment-by-moment thoughts and feelings that a hypothetical couple goes through in coping with their relationship problems....I highly recommend it to therapists but also to researchers interested in the impact of concealing personal feelings in relationships." 

--Contemporary Psychology Review

An analysis of a single night in the life of one couple, this book reveals the internal monologues, self-recrimination, and hopes of each partner, and shows therapists how to use this insightWhat starts, escalates, and rekindles fights--and also, what potentially allows for a useful conversation about a fight? The author explains that partners court trouble when they insist that they are not fighting, and lists 44 accusing and defensive responses to help partners recognize a fight. Wile also describes his own thoughts and doubt while doing therapy, and offers alternative responses to unhelpful self-talk.

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*(Book synopsis adopted from The Gottman Relationship Institute website)